#11: That First Vivid Glimpse of Change

You’ve waited. Worked. Tried. Failed. Tried again.

That’s how change happens, but you can’t always see it at first. Years. That’s how long it took to pay off our debt so I could slow down and work from home. Sometimes, we got discouraged. It didn’t seem like we’d ever get out of debt – $42,000 dollars is a lot of dollars. There were days I felt like quitting. Days I felt like spending.

Just like summer turns to fall, I finally had that first vivid glimpse of change. We paid off a huge debt. Gone. It was almost magical. You’ll get a glimpse too, if you keep working. Your old life and habits will start to fall away like leaves – the debt, the stress, the chaos. Swirling down to decay. Now, the past will help you grow strong.  

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists. – Japanese Proverb

  • Exercise: Take out a blank piece of paper and hang it up. Write down all the positive change you’ve had working for something big, like paying down debt, saving money to buy a house or getting fit. Recall the simple things – those nights you went for a walk with your kids instead of going shopping, each pound you dropped, each debt you demolished. You have your first vivid glimpse of change. Don’t give up.

What’s one positive change you’ve had since working on your goals?

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1 Harper September 29, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Great post! And congratulations! This is very inspiring.

2 Melissa October 3, 2011 at 9:25 am

Thanks, Harper! I hope you’re doing well. What’s new in your world?

3 Lynn October 4, 2011 at 9:30 am

One positive thing since working on my goals….hmmmm. Our goal is also paying off debt. So far we’ve paid off $27,500 in about 21 months. Half of that was credit cards, and half was mortgage/second mortgage/cars. We’ve also learned to appreciate the small, simple things. And the free things, like parks and playgrounds, nature hikes, or using what people offer, like my mother-in-law’s pool. We like splurging on a bucket of ice cream and cones for home instead of going out for ice cream (you can buy a container of ice cream + cones for about $5, or go out once!) or buying a treat like shrimp or smoked salmon at the grocery store, instead of going out.

One of the unforeseen benefits of budget slashing is that when you can’t afford to go out to eat, you may lose weight. I am now only 5 pounds over my high school weight. And I’m 34 and have had a child. 15 pounds lost in 21 months.

4 Melissa October 5, 2011 at 8:47 am

Hi Lynn – Maybe you don’t realize it, but your comment is so inspiring! All the free things you listed – I can’t believe how enjoyable and simple and beautiful they are. I can relate. You make a good point about the splurges that are still fun but cost much less than eating out. The Groupon and Living Social deals help with that too. We can eat out much more with coupons like that.

You are a lithe momma. 🙂

Thanks for sharing.

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