Transformation: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Since “finishing” ARROWS, my second novel, I’ve been anxious to start a new project. (I use the word finish lightly. I know revisions await.)


I have three new book ideas.

All of them have potential, but before I go into a three-month writing frenzy, I used my handy-dandy plot questionnaire to flesh out the structure of each idea.

It struck me that some of the questions I use to transform my fictional character’s lives could lead to happier endings in real life, too.

Plotting the year ahead

If you’re looking for direction this year, the questions below are a good starting point. I’ve always believed asking questions is important. We all need a road map from time to time, so if you’re willing, grab a pen and paper, and jot down some responses to the prompts below.

1. What do you want? 

Think of something that would be an achievable goal, but an important one – something you need in order to feel good in life.

2. What (or who) is standing in the way of that goal?

This could be people you know, society, anything that interferes with getting what you want out of life (maybe even yourself!). It’s important to identify our antagonists in life. This will give you direction along the path to transformation.

3. What will have to happen in order for you to take your goal seriously?

Maybe you haven’t achieved this goal because you are afraid of something. Deep down, you probably know what it will take in order to “wake up” and work on what you want. List a few possibilities.

4. What do you want your life to look like at the end of the year?

Who do you want to be?

Remember … you’re the main character in your life.

Every choice you make will have an effect. People will react. There will be crisis and moments when you are brought to your knees.

Transformation can be part of the process, too.

It’s your story.

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