You Should Experiment in Life

I’ve tried lots of ideas since starting this blog four years ago.

For instance, there was a time my family quit our dishwasher. A time we rarely ate processed food. And fast food? No way!

I’ve tried water skin care.

I once reduced my wardrobe to 33 items for 85 days.

I’ve gone on digital sabbaticals and lived frugally in order to pay off $42,000 in debt.

Every experiment taught me something.

We use our dishwasher again, but our experiment gave me a new perspective on the roles we play in the family. I learned we are not independent of one another, but dependent, as a family should be at times.

We do eat processed foods occasionally, and I don’t worry. Indulgences aren’t always healthy. My kids are teenagers now, and teenagers have a lot to worry about. If eating potato chips makes them feel a little less alone, or weird, I’m okay with that.

My wardrobe has more than 33 items, but it’s still minimal (so my sisters lament). I learned how to shop smart through that experiment. I learned less is more.

Not every experiment has stuck – but a few have changed my life. 

By living frugally, I was able to quit my day job and write books.

I no longer have a schedule for my digital sabbaticals, but I still turn off the internet and phones when I need to focus. Now, I have two completed young adult novels.

When we eat out, I like to support local businesses who create food with care. I appreciate quality.

It’s important to note that while I love many things and ideals, but I don’t allow them to imprison me.

That’s the beauty of experimenting.

That’s the wisdom in knowing when to let go.

Your story

You should experiment in life, widely, and see what works. Learn from what doesn’t. Be moved. Be passionate. Simplify to do what you love.

Or don’t.

I am truly blessed and truly happy and I wish you the same joy.

Photo by wakingphotolife

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