Top 10 Peace and Projects Posts of 2013


Of all the holidays, New Years is my favorite.

I love the idea of starting over–of saying both good-bye and hello.

I also love the need to reflect, and always have an overwhelming moment of thankfulness when I do. Life is good. Sometimes, we forget too easily.

2013 was a year I am both happy to leave and happy to remember. Since I’d rather not relive the bad things that happened, I’ll share of few of the best.

Career-wise, two great things happened for the Gorzelanczyks. I got an agent to represent my writing, and Mr. Right. was promoted to a management position.

We built a beautiful new deck and enjoyed many moments of relaxation all summer. (Summer. Summer. Come quickly. I miss you.)

My precious niece was born. Another one of my beloved sisters moved close by.

I finished my novel, ARROWS, and wrote 25,000 words for the first draft of a new book. (According to author Laurie Halse Anderson, the first draft of a book is only 17% of the work. I agree with this statistic. Revision is the other 83%.)

2013 was a good year, but 2014? I’m ready.

Here are the top ten posts:

  1. Love Shouldn’t Hurt
  2. How I Got My Agent
  3. 4 Ideas that can Immediately Improve a Bad Day
  4. How to Deal with Self-Doubt
  5. Reflections & Regret After 3 Years Without a Traditional Day Job
  6. Transformation: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself
  7. Revised: What to Put in Camping Bins
  8. How to Make Good Art in Bad Times
  9. How to Simplify Your Life: Weaknesses List
  10. Update Your Wardrobe with Tips from Patti Schisel

Top posts from the past:


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