That Thing You Do is Important

My love and I were talking tonight about his career vs. mine.

I thanked him again–probably for the millionth time–for giving me the chance to follow my lifelong dream of writing books.

He immediately downplayed the importance of his job, as if it wasn’t “as good” as mine because being an engineer was never his lifelong dream. This is something I hear often from people I talk to. Here what I want you to know:

That thing you do is important.

Don’t let my story, or anyone’s opinion, make you feel any different. Hard work + some joy along the way? Sounds important to me.

  • If you stay home with your children, your job is important.
  • If you work a corporate job to pay the bills, your job is important.
  • If you started your first part-time job at Walgreens, your job is important.
  • If you make something, and use your creativity, your job is important.

You’re contributing.

You’re making things better.

I’m inspired by you.

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